Elaine goes to NCA camp at Oklahoma University. There are no NCA camps in Kansas. She is selected to be an NCA instructor by Mr. L. R. Herkimer - "Herkie", the Father of Cheerleading.
Elaine teaches summer camps across the United State for NCA
Elaine begins the first Kansas NCA Camp at Lake Shawnee in Topeka, Ks. There are 95 campers.
Elaine takes her camps to Rock Springs Ranch where they can accommodate more cheerleaders. There are over 500 cheerleaders
Elaine sees a need to begin a dance division at her camps
Elaine takes the cheer & dance camps to the college campuses in Kansas

Instructed & directed over 250 camps
Over 60,000 cheerleaders & dancers have attended my camps during the past 40 years.
Fondest memories are of my first years at Lake Shawnee. We ran out of cabins so their Fathers would bring tents & put them up for the cheerleaders to stay in at night.
Another fond memory is teaching beside "Herkie" & being his partner in Cheer demonstrations.
My greatest joy at every camp is watching the individuals & coaches, develop self esteem & team esteem every day.
Memories & relationships are developed at every camp that last a lifetime.
Most of my Kansas Instructors were campers at one of my camps. The talented & caring Kansas Instructors are considered to be among the Nation's top instructors & teachers. Many go on to become teachers & cheer & dance coaches in their schools.
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